The T3 Virtual Exhibit Hall offers a single location for advisory firms to find the best technology solutions on the market today and compare their features. When it’s time for your next software upgrade, the Virtual Exhibit Hall is the only place where you find real reviews from real users so you can make a more informed technology purchase decision.

Every technology provider you’ll find in the Virtual Exhibit Hall has been verified with the T3 Standard of Excellence.

You can search for a specific feature based on your unique needs to help you find the best fit for your firm. Due diligence that used to require hours of information requests demos, and calls can now be in a matter of minutes.

If you find a technology solution you like, you can contact them directly from the Virtual Exhibit Hall. It’s all designed to be fast and seamless so you can make more informed decisions, more quickly.

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If you are a technology provider, we want your experience to be as simple and fast as it is for the advisors who want to use your solution. You can get started now by filling out a simple form to tell us about your firm, what you offer, and how we can contact you for more information.

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